Obamacare in Fayetteville NC Area


Obamacare in North Carolina has recently taken on a new carrier for 2015.  In the Fayetteville market area this carrier came in with extremely low rates for 2015 which caused a huge rate increase for the other carriers in the market because it blew up the subsidy calculation.  Therefore if you are in one of the following counties of North Carolina and haven’t looked at the plans for 2015 you are spending a lot more on health insurance in Fayetteville area than you should be.  Here are the counties:

  •  Bladen
  •  Cumberland
  •  Harnett
  •  Hoke
  •  Richmond
  •  Robeson
  •  Sampson
  •  Scotland

For an example of the rate discrepancy lets look at an example:


Age: 60 M, 60 F
Annual Income: $25,000
Zip Code: 28312
 Carrier A Carrier B Carrier C
Deductible/person $800 $1,250 $1,000
Out of Pocket Max/person $1,400 $2,100 $2,000
Primary Copay $25 $5 $5
Specialists Copay $40 $40 $10
Monthly Premium  $92 $330 $432  


As you can see this is quite a difference in benefits but most important premium.  Click on the following button to have us contact you about your options TODAY.  Deadline for enrollment for 2015 is February 15.


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