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Have health insurance premiums been out of reach for you?  Did you miss enrollment last year?  Confused about what you should do?  We can help you navigate the ACA.  How do we help you?  We cover all of the following areas when you work with us:

  • Help determine what/if you qualify for subsidy
  • Review all plans
  • Compare the top 2-3 plans and explain any pros or cons about these plans
  • After you have chosen a plan, we help you enroll
  • Using our software, we can help skip many of the issues with Healthcare.gov and enroll in minutes!
  • All over the phone!


Here is an example of some people we helped:

Laura is 55 and lives in Washington County, North Carolina.  Her income is just above 100% of the Federal Poverty Limit ($12,000).  Since her income is between 100-250%, she qualifies for both a subsidy and cost share reduction.  She qualified for a plan with NO premium.  Her plan has very low copays and a $500 annual deductible.  Laura was very excited to get this new coverage and avoid having a penalty next year.

Scott is 40, Candace is 38; they live in Wake County.  Their income totals $40,000.  They would qualify for a subsidy of $327 per month.   The subsidy reduced their premiums to $251 per month.   Since their income puts them above the 250% of the Federal Poverty Limit, they qualify for a subsidy only.  We help them submit their application within 5 minutes.


Our question to you is, why spend 60 minutes wrestling with Healthcare.gov.  We can help you apply within 5 minutes!  Remember, there is no cost to you to use our services.  You will not pay more by using us.


Want some more details before we talk?  Here is some additional information regarding subsides and cost share reductions.  Subsidies will be determined by your household size and household income.  Household income and size are determined by your income on your tax return and your dependents listed on your tax return.  You can use the Obamacare subsidy chart here as a guide to estimate your subsidy.  The Federal Exchange will make the final decision on your subsidy based on their records.    


Cost share reductions (CSR) are also a benefit of the law.  Those whose incomes fall between the 100-250% Federal Poverty Level will be granted subsidies and CSR.  CSR reduces the out of pocket expenses an individual will have with the new health coverage.  It means lower copay, lower deductibles, and lower out of pocket maximums.   The CSR will be at no additional expense.


The software we use to determine your subsidy will also automatically factor in the CSR if you qualify.   If you would like to schedule an appointment with us if you need assistance with plan selection/enrollment, just click on the button below.  We can help you online or over the phone.  Either Kent or Rusty will be happy to help you!


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