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Three Things You Should Expect From Us:

  1. A confirmation email has already been sent stating we have received your information.
  2. You may receive some additional questions specific to your situation.  Please reply to those as fast as possible.
  3. There will be NO sales pressure – we can either help you or we cannot.


Advantages of Working With Us:

  • Complete all this from the comfort of your home. Everything can be done by phone and email
  • We live in North Carolina.  You aren’t dealing with a call center from Florida that knows nothing about health insurance in North Carolina
  • Get unbiased opinions from brokers who represent all the insurance carriers on the Marketplace in NC
  • Work with brokers that specialize in the health insurance industry.  The government is hiring 1000’s of “navigators” to help people….do you really want someone assisting you that went through a weekend training course?
  • We have over 20 combined years in the health insurance field


We value the opportunity to earn your business.  We DO NOT and WILL NOT share your information with anyone.  Our goal is to be your health insurance agent for years to come!

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