Obamacare Myths

While there are some good and bad things about health care reform, there is plenty of inaccurate or mis-information out there today.  Below are some of the “myths” of Obamacare.  Many of these questions are genuine misunderstandings of how the law work, while others are just not accurate and have been floated out in the public to generate opposition to the law.

Myth #1 – Obamacare is government insurance

Myth #2 – Obamacare is free insurance for people

Myth #3 – I will pay a fine and get coverage when I get sick – to be published soon

Myth #4 – President Obama and Congress exempted themselves from the law! – to be published soon

Myth #5 – All the plans will have the same benefits – to be published soon

Again, while there are valid arguments against the law, our site is an effort to provide North Carolinians with accurate information about the law.  If you have any questions about the law, feel free to contact us via our contact page.


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